Wills & WishEs™

My focus

Plan today for what may come tomorrow




I don’t like the term “estate planning” because it sounds like it’s only for people with a great deal of property or wealth. I prefer to use the phrase “Wills & Wishes”™ because it shifts the focus to what really matters. “Wills & Wishes”™ is my method of creating a plan that puts essential documents in place to fulfill your individual wishes and safeguard your unique family—come what may

With an effective plan you can determine who will benefit from your assets, motivate accomplishments, and communicate your desires for your healthcare and body. You can provide a safe harbor for your children should anything happen to you, so that they are loved and protected by individuals that you know and trust. Without a plan, your family could face unnecessary difficulty, expense, and turmoil. Your assets, healthcare, body and children will all be subject to the state laws and rules in place, and the results may be unpleasant at best.

I Create Lifelong
Relationships With My Clients​

This is your plan; I just help you build it.

Really digging in and getting to know you, your family dynamic, your wishes, and your worries. I don’t just plug in the information you fill out on some form and tell you what you need. Instead, I will ask questions, make suggestions and help you find your way towards your best options. 

I don’t use cookie-cutter plans or a “one size fits most” approach. We won’t just look at the first level outcomes, but instead, we will discuss the possible benefits, risks, and consequences of your decisions. This is what I call the “Choose Your Own Adventure” approach to planning. Educated with your options, no longer confused by boilerplate and legal jargon, you will emerge a capable, confident, plan-making participant as we develop your handcrafted, individualized plan.

Choose your own adventure

Complementary Reviews
for life

I provide complementary reviews of your plan to ensure that critical updates may be made in order to make sure that your plan continues to fit your needs as your life changes. I continue to provide this complimentary service for life, or for as long as I remain a practicing attorney—even I will eventually die (or retire).

I provide more than just the minimum when it comes to kids. If you have minor children, you can rest assured that your plan will be multi-layered and functional. I am a self-admitted “Mama Bear,” and I go above and beyond to make sure that there is a plan and a safety net for your children.

“Mama Bear” Level planning for your children

Flat fees

I charge flat fees for most services. Clients may also select an hourly billing rate, but flat fees mean you can take the time you need to get the plan you want, without worrying about the “ticking clock” or receiving an unpleasant “surprise” when you open an invoice.

My focus is always on my clients’ unique and individual needs. While I may have a receptionist greet you or take a message, you will be communicating your needs and wishes directly with me. I encourage ongoing communication, so I am able to deliver high quality service and advice, tailored to my clients. I am available to you by phone, text or email.