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“Wills and Wishes”™ is my method of creating a plan that puts essential documents in place to fulfill

your individual wishes and safeguard your unique family—come what may.




Wills are used to make your wishes known and enforceable. You can select who you want to handle your final matters, name guardians for your children, spell out specific items or amounts to be given to individuals or charities, and provide funeral and burial instructions.


Trusts provide a variety of options to dictate how and when individuals or charities will receive their gifts. This provides greater control and protection for your assets and loved ones. Trusts can be planned so that they only exist after you pass away, or during your lifetime. Trusts can ensure that loved ones with Special Needs are provided for, or even just to provide a loving home and care for your pets. Revocable “Living” trusts are essentially a legal basket that you transfer all of your assets into and manage during your lifetime but are then managed by a trusted individual or professional entity once you are unable to do so due to disability/incapacity or death. If used properly, revocable “Living” trusts, have many benefits including a greater degree of privacy, and may also avoid complex probate or other court involvement.


While most people would generally prefer not to think about it, eventually emergencies may arise where an individual is unavailable or unable to take necessary actions. Your plan should include legal documents that permit a trusted individual to take those actions or make those decisions for you. Having the proper Durable Powers of Attorney (for matters such as Health Care, Financial, Property, Child Care and Custody) can make a huge difference. It can avoid going to court, legal fees and even state intervention.


I help small business owners or those who wish to start a small business. I assist in forming LLC’s, PLLC’s and other entities. I provide the necessary agreements and documentation to ensure a solid foundation.


Probate is essentially the process of obtaining authority to sort out a loved one’s assets and liabilities (debts, etc.) in order to resolve and distribute what is left behind. If your loved one had a will, it is an opportunity to put their wishes into action. If they did not, then it is a process whereby the laws of the state will control and those who meet certain definitions of legal and biological relationships will be given their share.


Whether an individual has lifetime disabilities, or Alzheimer’s/dementia afflicts your loved one, there are times where it is necessary to seek authority from the Court in order to manage someone’s care and finances. I will walk you through the process from start to finish.